Not Just a Place to Stay, An Experience. 

Oceansedge is an oceanfront vacation rental home in Bar Harbor, Maine. The house is a private, 4-bedroom/4.5 bathroom home in the prestigious Hulls Cove neighborhood. Most Importantly, the home itself sits immediately above the shore on the Atlantic Ocean. You will find it at the end of a 1,000′ private and posted driveway entered from Lookout Point Road.
The property in Hulls Cove offers an experience, not simply a place to stay. The testimonials provided here affirm that fact. Furthermore, the property’s exclusivity and luxurious nature rivals bar harbor’s many hotels. We have had everyone from families looking for a relaxing retreat near Acadia National park to young couples looking for romantic getaway. One wonderful couple even got Engaged! The peace and quiet is hard to beat. Oceansedge offers something special. A utopian luxury experience you won’t find at other vacation rental homes, or the many Bar Harbor hotels.
Oceansedge is far and away the best vacation rental property of its kind on the Maine Coast, for these 6 reasons:


The Property

Oceansedge has been in business for 21 years.  The property was constructed in 1979 and is a traditional two-story New England “cape”. It functions as a formal, oceanfront home. Its estimated value is approximately $2 million. A perfect place for a high profile, and luxury vacation. This pristine property comprises 2 acres. It’s situated absolutely on the ocean shoreline of Hulls Cove. It sits in the lee of the Bar Harbor waterfront, the Porcupine Islands, and, the Cadillac Mountain Range, with the North Atlantic beyond.

“Mount Desert Island is not merely an island; it is a way of life to which one becomes addicted; and if we are permitted in the hereafter to enter that abode where the just are made perfect, let us hope that it may have some resemblance to the Champlain’s Isle des Monts Deserts.”
-Samuel Eliot Morrison


Oceansedge has all the modern amenities afforded by the many Bar Harbor hotels.
You’ll find a list of these below:

On the Property

  • 3 Fire places
  • 4 Bedrooms (One Oversized)
  • paved brick patio
  • Library spanning 3 rooms
  • En-suite Bathrooms in all bedrooms
  • Beautiful Large Kitchen
  • Keurig Coffee Maker
  • Multiple Dining areas Including one on the Ocean deck
  • High speed Internet (Wifi access)
  • Multiple TV’s

Outdoor Amenities

  • Apple trees for you to pick fresh apples
  • Blueberry bushes for access to fresh home grown fruit
  • Strawberry patches
  • Outdoor gas grille
  • Ocean deck with seating for 4
  • L.L. Bean Outdoor Furniture
  • Shorefront access to the ocean (perfect for kayaking)

Near by

  • Acadia National Park
  • Schoodic Peninsula
  • Bar Harbor
  • The Chart Room
  • The historic Kebo Valley Golf Club
  • D’Allessio Gallery
  • Abbe Museum
  • The Bar Harbor Historical Society Museum
  • Somesville Historical Museum and Gardens 
  • Quintessential Maine Shopping Experience

Town of Bar Harbor

Bar Harbor is the most popular coastal vacation destination on the East Coast. It has been for one hundred and twenty-five years, since it eclipsed its social rival, Newport, RI. Bar Harbor is the largest community on the 40,000-acre Mount Desert Island. Most Importantly, Bar Harbor is also the accomplished and zestful host community to Acadia National Park, the jewel of the North East.

Hulls Cove Neighborhood

Hulls Cove is the most historic and prestigious neighborhood in the Town of Bar Harbor, Maine. It always has been. Hulls Cove has had that social distinction since the town was first called Eden, for obvious reasons. Homeowners on Lookout Point Road in Hulls Cove have been associated with familiar names in American high society. Most notably: Penn Central, General Mills, United Fruit, and International Harvester.

Lookout Point Road

Lookout Point Road is a private and posted road. It is not a public thoroughfare. Thus the road serves an enclave of fifteen oceanfront homes on the peninsula. This private road serves as your entry point to Oceansedge.
This privacy is an amenity you won’t find at any Bar Harbor Hotel. Why not take the time to get away from busy ports and cities to escape somewhere peaceful?



En-suite Bathrooms


Oceansedge Guests

Our recent guests have come from some of the most well known and notable companies. Companies such as Nike, Facebook, Harvard Medical School and Dana-Farber. We’ve had guests from prominent Wall Street investment banks as well as other banks.
Our guests come from the US, and from abroad. Furthermore, Oceansedge is thought to have the highest standing among its 700 competitors. This is primarily for its return-guest following. We have over 100 endorsements provided here in this website attest to that fact. They all chose us over staying at one of Bar Harbor’s numerous hotels. Why not number yourself with our fine clientele


Important information about Oceansedge and its surrounds.

Privacy and Security

Our 1000′ private driveway ensures that our guest’s enjoy safety, privacy, and quiet during their stay.


Actual shoreline frontage on Hulls Cove (versus dangerous cliffs descending to surging currents seen elsewhere), permits kayaking from the beach below the property.

Acadia National Park

The property is just 1 mile from Acadia National Park’s “Reception Center”, the gateway to the 30,000-acre Park, and 50 miles of car-free “carriage roads” (safe and visually magnificent bicycling and hiking).


We have been the vacation rental of choice for discriminating families and executives, from throughout the US and abroad, for 20+ years.

Rental Rates

Our rates vary season by season. A stay at oceansedge can cost between $3,500 and $14,500 depending on when in the year you would like to stay with us.


Oceansedge comfortably serves 12 guests per stay, it comprises of 4 bedrooms, one oversized; and 4.5 en-suite bathrooms.

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