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  1. Distinction with a difference

    Oceansedge is a formal, elegant, and lavishly appointed oceanfront home, in New England Cape style.

    The approximately 100 photos provided here in the Gallery, plus as many Testimonials, attest to the same.

  2. Reputation
    1. Ratings

      Families coming to Oceansedge during the last 35 years offered an unbroken string of 5-star ratings – perhaps the only such unbroken string of perfect ratings among properties listed with commercial listing services.
    2. Referrals

      All of the following confidently refer to Oceansedge guests who come from throughout the US and abroad:
      1. past guests (500 families)

      2. concierges in major metropolitan cities in the US, including American Express

      3. travel-related entities with which Oceansedge has business relationships in Maine and beyond, including: Overseas Luxury Group (headquartered in Coral Gables, Florida; account representative Michelle Silva) – 43 offices in 34 countries, B2B consultants benefitting an affluent clientele seeking extraordinary worldwide travel destinations and superlative accommodations.

      4. tourism and similar entities, including these entities:

        • the Association of Maine Summer Camps (Portland) – representing 125 excellent summer camps for children (including the elite Alford Lake Camp), all in Maine.
        • three Chambers of Commerce (Mount Desert Island, Southwest Harbor, and Bar Harbor)
        • the Maine Tourism Association (Hallowell, Augusta)
        • the Office of Maine Tourism (Augusta) -
        • the Office of Economic Development (Augusta)
    3. Distinguished clientele

      Oceansedge serves a distinguished luxury clientele, including entrepreneurial creators and executive officers whose worldwide companies and institutions are household names:
      1. Nike and Facebook,

      2. Harvard Medical School, Doctors without Borders, Dana Farber,

      3. publishing houses,

      4. Goldman Sachs and Morgan Stanley and other Wall Street investment banks,

      5. Bank of America, Chase, and Wells Fargo and other global banks,

      6. Price Waterhouse and other accounting companies,

      7. Bain and additional consulting companies,

      8. Nelson, Mullins and innumerable other nationally celebrated law firms.

    4. Return-guests

      For 20 years, families have been returning year after year to the property considered not just a vacation rental of distinction, but also a destination with tradition.

      Oceansedge is thought to have the highest standing among its 1,700 competitors in the market area, primarily for its return-guest following. Almost 100 endorsements provided here in this web site speak to that standing.
    5. International standing

      For more than 30 years, discriminating guests have included persons coming from abroad as well as from this country:
      1. the UK,

      2. Canada,

      3. Australia,

      4. Israel,

      5. France,

      6. Germany,

      7. the Bahamas, and

      8. Alabama which might be considered a foreign country.

    6. Credentials

      The business has a transactional relationship with TD Bank in Ellsworth, Maine (a town proximate to Bar Harbor) and in Bangor, Maine.
    7. Administration

      This longstanding boutique family business is conducted from Bar Harbor, Maine and from Boston, Massachusetts; and only through family representatives, usually not through brokers. (See: Profile of Manager in this “About” section).
  3. Past and Present, and overview
    1. Past

      In the 1970s, a NYC socialite and widow disposed of her mansion of West Street near the Bar Harbor Club whereas the Gilded Age of weary residential arks had passed, and because the Bar Harbor Club itself had surrendered to bus tours and cruise ship throngs.

      She constructed the house on Hulls Cove, with formal entertaining in mind. Other members of the Bar Harbor Club, including some families with names of fame in 20th century Americana, did the same. They thereby created a colony of sorts on the peninsula on Hulls Cove that is the Lookout Point Road neighborhood.

      She occupied the property only briefly, along with an in-house and full-time domestic staff that would now be an anachronism. Still to be seen in the house are some of the push buttons meant to summon the domestics.
    2. Present

      The present owners have owned the property for the more than 40 subsequent years, leasing it during “the season” (and now in off-season weeks as well) during more recent years.

      It is one of the best rental properties of its kind on the Maine Coast.
    3. Overview

      Main features include immediate frontage on the ocean. Also, views of sunrises and moonrises over the ocean, and what Frank Sinatra would call a 'summer wind'.