A brief overview of the grounds of Oceansedge.

North Side

On the north of the estate, upon arrival, you will find a pink granite walled entrance and meticulously maintained gardens. Four ponds descend along the right side of the 1000′ driveway, through the woods to the house and gardens. A murmuring brook bubbles past the Maine room windows, on its way to the ocean. The parking area and approach to the front door circumnavigate beach-stone walls, rare ostrich ferns, and crushed pink granite stone from the Rockefeller estate.

South Side

On the south of the estate, you’ll discover three al fresco dining areas which can collectively serve twenty-two people they include a deck off the kitchen which seats four, a brick patio off of the living room and dining room that seat six and eight respectively and, a deck on the beach that seats four. Also available on the patios and decks: LL Bean outdoor furniture, traditional black metal garden furniture with glass-top table, outdoor lighting and, chipmunk companions. There are also gas and charcoal outdoor cookers.

Leading down to the deck on the beach are pink granite steps which are illuminated by pole lights. Perfect for evening outdoor dining.

There is a broad lawn shaded by a canopy of white oak trees, perfect for a picnic whilst enjoying the panoramic ocean views.

West and South side

Clutching the slope of the backyard lawn just above the beach, are the “fruit gardens”: hedges of blueberries, strawberries, and raspberries, all set in cobblestoned terraces in full sun.

The “pick-your-own” answer to the best of Maine breakfasts, afternoon desserts, and some evening cocktails.

East and South side

On the east side and southeast corner of the broad oceanfront lawn is a Roselle rose garden set in cobblestone and a traditional fencing, also including other “cut” flowers.

The garden is flanked at its back by a parade of producing apple trees, plus a pink dappled willow.

Very beautiful during the spring, summer, and fall. The southeast corner, which includes a woods line above the ocean beach, also features the deer path through which the deer come onto the backyard lawn every evening – to inspect the oceanview, to show
off the fawns and yearlings, and, of course, to assay the gardens which they deem their own.