Oceansedge features on-the-ocean shore frontage in Bar Harbor. The property sits on two acres of land with a magnificent view of the Cadilac Mountain Range and the porcupine islands. A beautiful place to relax on your luxury vacation.

Hulls Cove Neighborhood and the Lookout Point Peninsula


Hulls Cove was the original 19th-century epicenter of the town (then called Eden).  Hulls Cove became the location of several mansions owned by society mavens from Chicago, NY, Princeton, Newport, and Palm Beach during the Gilded Age.  The residents of Lookout Point Road collectively owned a pier, still in existence and in use near the subject property. The pier reached into Hulls Cove’s deep water.  The pier received the owners of the world’s greatest private yachts and the admirals of Theodore Roosevelt’s epochal American Great White Fleet from tenders. Night-long social events followed at Hulls Cove’s mansions.


The Oceansedge property is located on a 100-acre peninsula surmounted by a spruce and pine hilltop.  A private road (Lookout Point Road, discussed below) circumnavigates that peninsula.  The dozen oceanfront homes located within that peninsula comprise a quiet, private, and distinguished neighborhood enclave.

Sea Breezes

Most properties on the east side of Mount Desert Island in Bar Harbor face east for the same reason. The Oceansedge property, located on a peninsula, almost uniquely faces south into the North Atlantic.  The property therefore also enjoys the ambiance of oncoming sea breezes, including the sight and sound and smell of the moving ocean.

Privacy and Security

Access to the Oceansedge property is available only via a private, posted neighborhood-association road, Lookout Point Road.  From Lookout Point Road, guests turn at a posted and private driveway. Overhead lights automatically illuminate the driveway upon entry onto the driveway; other lights progressively illuminate the driveway.  The private driveway proceeds 1,000′ from the entrance to the house on the edge of the ocean. The parking area and circular entrance are also automatically illuminated.

    A Luxury Escape

    The set-apart aspect of the subject property (which is unusual relative to most rental properties in Bar Harbor), ensures quiet, solitude, and personal safety. Indeed that very same set-apart aspect of the subject property also makes for one of its unique attributes: the abundance of nearly tame wildlife which past guests have immensely enjoyed observing in close proximity.  See the sights of nature by visiting our gallery.