The Oceansedge property is located on Lookout Point Road in the historic neighborhood of Hulls Cove, within what is now the Town of Bar Harbor, the host community to the 30,000-acre Acadia National Park on the 40,000-acre Mount Desert Island. The Hulls Cove neighborhood (originally the Village of Eden and the center of commerce for the Mount Desert Island) is arguably the Bar Harbor’s most historic neighborhood. The first settler on the east side of the Island arrived there in 1768 at the conclusion of a century of relentless and savage Indian Wars.

Almost 100 years would pass before the third generation of the descendants of the few initial settlers at Hulls Cove would create, just after the Civil War, the first significant buildings in Bar Harbor.

Almost all of the buildings – some of them enormous hotels – were constructed in a hurried response to a land rush of affluent summer visitors. (The lumber for those buildings came from Bar Harbor’s then virgin forest of ancestral pines taken from 7,000 acres that included Cadillac Mountain, and from the sawmills erected at three dams below the Eagle Lake watershed – sawmills which enriched for decades esrtwhile farm boys and weary soldiers and pitiful sailors).

The subject oceanfront property, Oceansedge, is a part of a 50-acre private enclave within that Hulls Cove neighborhood.

The enclave is a peninsula on Frenchman’s Bay with the North Atlantic beyond. Occupying that peninsula are perhaps ten oceanfront homes, all of obvious distinction; plus two additional and new and extraordinary homes on the summit at the center of the peninsula where politically pathfinding women of national renown lived a century ago.

Winding through that peninsula is Lookout Point Road.

A NY speculator constructed the road from beach sand in the last years of the 1800s. The road was the spine for a collection of lots.

Summerites (including some former Confederates) from Northern Virginia, Baltimore, New Orleans, Washington, NYC, and Philadelphia, readily acquired the lots. The buyers were drawn by the peninsula’s sunny glades and the ocean views and especially for the tranquility of the place, even though they had been implacable enemies just a few years earlier.

Lookout Point Road, perhaps a little more than a mile in length, is now a private road open only to the privileged residents (and guests) of the peninsula. Most of the owners view their properties there as second homes.

Representative of the tempo there are old signs still insouciantly attached to telephone poles declaring that the speed limit is 10 mph.

To this day, travelers on Lookout Point Road periodically pause to take in the azure North Atlantic which can be seen beyond sentinel trees, coyly sparkling in the distance.

The enchanting view seduces those travelers who stop to look at the sublimely beautiful, like school boys powerless to resist a chance to glance at the forbidden. Above all, Hulls Cove’s Lookout Point Road community is a quiet and distinguished neighborhood, and a good place for the road to end.

The entrance to the Oceansedge property along Lookout Point Road consists of a wall of hefty pink granite stones. Midway along that already pretentious display are lofty stone pillars and solid wrought iron black Victorian gates.

The gates are in the signature design of what was once the entrance to one of the great mansions and architectural masterpieces on Mt. Desert Island during the Gilded Age.

Beyond the walled and gated entrance on that road, a driveway slopes down, for perhaps 1,000', past a collection of fruit trees on one side, and three ponds on the other side where ducklings learn to swim and would practice flying but for wings still too short.

The driveway leads to the house itself. The house fronts on the ocean.

South-facing views from the house and from the broadlawn above the shoreline, include:

-- the Cadillac Mountain range of Acadia National Park, green with spruce almost to their stony summits, -- the mansion-studded shoreline, -- the active Bar Harbor waterfront and the Town’s boat basin, -- the chain of Porcupine Islands, like stepping stones from Cadillac Mountain -- gorgeous sunrise and moonrise views over the North Atlantic horizon. -- working lobster boats, which are within hailing distance. -- the Bar Harbor Yacht Club and its fleet of sail boats coming and going. Although invisible, the best aspect of that south-facing home is the warm summer sunlight mixed with bracing oncoming sea breezes.

Importantly, the Oceansedge property is located within 1 mile of the Reception Area for the 30,000-acre Acadia National Park. Getting there from the subject property by bicycle is an easy matter.

The Park offers with open arms 50 miles of: walking trails; bicycling paths; mountain climbing routes leading to lakes and ponds and mountain vistas; and both salt water and fresh water beaches for swimming and fishing.

Acadia has a reason for being the most-visited of the National Parks.

Simply explained, Bar Harbor and Mt. Desert Island are considered among the most beautiful places in North America.

Hulls Cove is where it all began 250 years ago when 1st -settler John Hamor considered the whole island laying beyond his bowsprit and chose Hulls Cove as the most beautiful place of all to come ashore with his family.

M and I want to express our sincere gratitude for the opportunity to experience the joy and beauty of your home and property. Our days were filled ...
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GT and MT
I have to agree with all the other reviewers. Both the house and the owner are wonderful. Everything is as described, if not better. The property i...
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We are all back home safely with great memories of Maine and your great house. Thanks again for everything.
We are thrilled to be here. I travel the world. And this is the trip and experience I most looked forward to. What a spectacular week it has been. ...
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Anyone who is not delighted by Oceansedge needs his or her head examined!!!
Martha K. H, Esq.
What a wonderful home you have here! Saw deer feeding last night and today was simply gorgeous. Thanks again!
There is so much to see in this fabulous home. Went out onto the terrace this morning, laid on the grass and took in the ambience! I am in paradise.
Susan B.
Our group of four empty-nester couples had a wonderful time at this property.The home is beautifully appointed.The backyard patios, including one o...
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Thank you for sharing your wonderful home. My personal favorite part of the house are the views from the back- instant calming and magical in a way...
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Andrea C.
I just wanted to send you an e-mail to thank you again for a wonderful time in your beautiful home. My family and I normally rent when we go on vac...
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