Unique Features


Actual ocean frontage the subject property is truly on the ocean!

South Facing Vistas


  • Sunrises, sunsets over the Atlantic Ocean
  • Working lobster boats, within hailing distance
  • Sailboats of the Bar Harbor Yacht Club, across Hulls Cove
  • Acadia’s Cadillac Mountain range reaching down to the Porcupine Islands
  • The Town’s waterfront
  • The cruise ship basin for the world’s most famous cruise ships (Queen Elizabeth II, Queen Mary)

Sunset at Hulls Cove


  • Moon rises and moon sets
  • Harbor lights
  • Meteor showers
  • Northern Lights (fall and winter)

Moonrise at Hulls Cove

Safer Shoreline Access

Unlike much of the town’s shoreline, this property’s shoreline is free of steep cliffs and rip currents that would make difficult or dangerous access to the shore and to the ocean water itself, not to mention being a mortal danger to children or to the elderly.

“Anytime” Kayaking for Guests

For the reason mentioned immediately above, prudent guests can launch kayaks directly from the shoreline below the property’s backyard.  Kayakers travel over Hulls Cove toward the Bar Harbor Yacht Club, past Gilded Age shorefront homes and intervening hotels and restaurants to the town’s marina and/or to the islands beyond.  At a guest’s request, local vendors will deliver kayaks and related equipment, to the house on the morning of the guest’s arrival for the guest’s week-long use.


On-request mooring is available for small and large boats.

Unobstructed Oceanfront, Unimpeded Views, Unlimited Water Access, and Complete Privacy

A public-way “Shore Path” commonly divides (often with metal fencing) the ocean shore from the ocean-side lawns of some of the otherwise desirable oceanfront properties in Bar Harbor.  The Shore Path does not exist, at all, in the Hulls Cove neighborhood.  Our guests therefore enjoy ocean views unobstructed by fences, hedges, gates, or the like.  Our guests can also enjoy the backyard patios and decks in privacy from gawkers. Our guests can descend to the beach at any time in order to launch a kayak, or be alone with the sound of the waves.

Deck on the Beach

The property’s oceanfront deck, right on the shoreline, is a particularly unusual feature, and a joy for watching moonrises over the ocean by night, northern lights, and meteor showers.  By day, guests observe seals, rare ducks, lobster boats, cruise ships at anchorage, and the porcupine islands. It’s also the perfect vantage point for watching the sunset and sun rise, and passing storms.  A table for 4 diners is available, plus additional seating.  Also featured is illuminated pink granite steps to the deck, for use of the deck at night.


A chief joy of our guests has consisted of observing wildlife in the very backyard of the property, night and day.  The absence of noise, traffic and crowds at the park-like Hulls Cove property makes this communion with nature possible.

At Oceansedge you could see:

  • White tailed deer and their fawns who come to the backyard at dusk and sometimes during the day
  • Pet red squirrels and chipmunks
  • Mallard ducks and ducklings in the property’s pond and streams, and in the backyard
  • Foxes and raccoons
  • Innumerable birds: eagles, owls, ospreys, woodpeckers, songbirds, red tailed hawks, and migrating arctic birds

Lighting Effects


The waterfront portion of the property offers optional floodlighting such that watching the ocean waves can be as much enjoyed at night as during the days, under “daylight” white floodlights, or in blue and green. The lights reach out 100 yards into ocean.


Floodlights and low-voltage ground lights, some activated automatically by timers or motion detectors, illuminate walkways and perimeters, and the ocean frontage.

Backyard, Deer

Motion sensors in an oak tree in the backyard detect deer entering the yard each evening. The sensor activates blue and green floodlights, so that guests can easily observe from inside the house the unbothered deer just yards away.

All-Season Availability

Available year-round.  No matter when you choose to enjoy your stay at Oceansedge vacation rental home, Bar Harbor’s beauty will ensure a relaxing experience.  To learn more about what to expect during your stay, please select one of the seasons: Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter.


Proximity to Acadia National Park

The Reception Area for Acadia National Park’s 30,000 acres is within 1 mile of the property.  Visit our Acadia National Park page for more information.


Almost 100 endorsements from guests of the past three years, never with less than a 5-star rating, are available to view on our Testimonials section.


A staff of 6 people and various on-call contractors oversee the property year-round and continuously improve it.  The staff also provides or arranges virtually any on-request concierge service including, among others:

  • Purchasing, and then stocking the house, groceries and liquor, on the morning of the guest’s arrival
  • Cosmetology
  • Professional photographers
  • Catering, particularly including lobster dinners
  • Ad hoc housekeeping
  • Babysitting
  • The leasing of baby equipment (cribs, high chairs)
  • The renting of sports equipment leasing (bicycles, kayaks)
  • Guide service for hunting and fishing
  • Transportation to and from airports