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Ocean Frontage

The Ocean Frontage

What guests can expect as to ocean frontage at the Oceansedge property:

1.  On the ocean
2.  South-facing vistas
3.  Ocean views
    a. daytime
    b. nighttime

4. Unobstructed oceanfront, unimpeded views, unlimited water access, and complete privacy

5. Kayaking
    a.       Ease of access
    b.       Kayaking destinations
    c.       Availability of boats and equipment
6. Deck at the beach
    a.       Kayaking 
    b.       Views
    c.       Dining, seating
    d.       Lighting at the deck on the beach
7. 4 oceanfront decks/patios: outdoor dining
    a.       deck at the shore                - 4 or more diners
    b.       brick patio                           - 6 to 12 diners
    c.       kitchen deck                       - 10 diners
    d.       2nd-story decks                  - 1 to 2, each

8. Photo gallery

 The Ocean Frontage
Guests considering coming to the Oceansedge property have in mind one criterion that is more important than any other: ocean frontage.
Here are comments meant to convey what guests can confidently expect to enjoy there:
1.         On the ocean
The property is truly on the ocean.
The house itself and its decks and brick patio are within yards of where the lawn meets the shoreline.
Granite steps reach down from the lawn to a deck on the shore, and then to the shore itself. 
2.         South-facing vistas
The property is south-facing toward the Town’s waterfront and, importantly, the cool North Atlantic beyond.
Meaning, guests will experience the best combination of those two invisible blessings which have drawn summer visitors to Bar Harbor for 150 years: 
     a. the comforting warmth of sunshine, and 
     b. bracing onshore breezes from the North Atlantic’s Labrador Current.
3.         Ocean views
  a.     Daytime
Guests see during daytime hours all of the following:
    --     sunrises over the Atlantic
    --     working lobster boats within hailing distance
    --     sailboats coming and going from the Bar Harbor Yacht Club situated across on Hulls Cove across from the subject property
    --     Acadia’s Cadillac Mountain range reaching down to the Town and to the Porcupine Islands
    --     the Town’s waterfront and boat basin, including some of the country’s most enviable motor and sailing yachts
  b.       Nighttime
Guests see at dusk and at nighttime:
    --     moonrises over the ocean
    --     the harbor lights
    --     meteor showers
    --     occasionally the Northern Lights in the spring and fall
4. Unobstructed oceanfront, unimpeded views, unlimited water access, and complete privacy
A public-way “Shore Path” commonly divides (often with metal fencing) the ocean shore from the ocean-side lawns of some of the otherwise very desirable oceanfront properties in Bar Harbor.
The Shore Path does not exist, at all, in the Hulls Cove neighborhood.
Guests at Oceansedge therefore enjoy ocean views unobstructed by fences, hedges, gates, or the like.
Guests  can also enjoy the backyard patios and decks in privacy from gawkers.
Guests can descend to the beach at any time in order to launch a kayak, or be alone with the sound of the waves.
5. Kayaking
Many guests specifically choose to come to the Oceansedge property in order to kayak along the shoreline of Hulls Cove and Bar Harbor. Their reasons:
a. Ease of access
Guests can launch kayaks directly from the shoreline below the property’s backyard.
b. Kayaking destinations
Kayakers travel over Hulls Cove toward the Bar Harbor Yacht Club, past Gilded Age shore front homes, on to intervening shore front hotels and restaurants (including the particularly popular Chart Room restaurant on Hulls Cove), and then to the Town’s marina and/or to the islands beyond.
c. Availability of boats and equipment
At a guest’s  request, local vendors will deliver kayaks (and bicycles) and related equipment, to the house, on the morning of the guest’s arrival, for the guest’s week-long use. The same vendor removes the kayaks on the day of the guest’s departure.
6. Deck at the beach
The property’s oceanfront deck, right at the shoreline, is a particularly unusual feature:
a. Kayaking

The deck, and its steps from the lawn to the shore, greatly facilitate launching kayaks. 

Conspicuously absent from the subject property are death-defying cliffs.
b. Views
By day,  guests observe from that deck  seals, rare ducks, lobster boats, cruise ships at anchorage, and the Porcupine Islands. 
It is also the perfect vantage point for watching the sunset and sunrise, and observing passing storms.
c. Dining, seating
A table for 4 diners is available on the same deck shared by rocking chairs sent by LL Bean.
d. Lighting at the deck on the beach
Floodlights in an oak tree at the shoreline illuminate the pink granite steps to the deck, for use of the deck at night.
That overhead lighting also enables watching during summer evenings the waves on the beach.  The lights reach out 100 yards over ocean.
During the winter, additional overhead lighting, in blue and green, makes possible watching from the shorefront deck snowflakes swirling in the wind over the beach and cove.
7. 4 oceanfront decks/patios: outdoor dining
There are 4 decks and patios collectively able to seat 2 dozen people:
a. The deck at the shore, mentioned above, seating 4 diners.
The fire pit (propane gas) on the deck at the beach is a welcome companion
b. the brick patio with ocean views, located off the dining room and living room.
Fire pit (propane gas). 
(This brick patio, surrounded by a 3-tier garden, offers seating for 6 to 12 outdoor diners).
c. an ocean view deck off the kitchen.
(This deck offers a gas grill and seating at two tables for at least 10 outdoor diners).
d. The ocean view decks extending from the two upstairs bedrooms.
(One or two diners, each).

Bar Harbor and Acadia National Park

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