Payment Arrangements

Payment Arrangements

Guests who lease the property through the property owner, versus through an online commercial listing service, can:

  • Make their payments by mailed check (or by wire transfer), versus only by credit card.

Online commercial listings services now require payment through the guest’s credit card, even though the transaction is likely to be in a 5-digit amount which would test the limits of most credit cards.

  • Have up to a week to make their payment after reserving the property.

Online commercial listings services now preclude guests from reserving the property unless and until the guest makes an immediate and in-full online payment (including the fee payable to the online commercial listing service); and, as mentioned, the guest must make the payment by credit card.

  • Be assured of receiving a lease, and being able to communicate directly with the property owner, in advance of making any payments.

Online commercial listings intentionally encrypt contact information, by and between the property owner and guest, thus denying the parties the opportunity to communicate directly, before the guest is already fully financially and personally obligated.

  • Be assured in advance that the payments will go to a verifiable, responsive, and nationally known entity (i.e., T.D. Bank)