LL – Tennessee – August 3 – August 10, 2013

August 2013 ★★★★★

Everything at the house was in wonderful condition when we arrived. We love the house and the beautiful view. What a nice place to spend a vacation! The pet chipmunk is very entertaining – he has made us feel very welcome! We are looking forward to a wonderful week!

The house is absolutely lovely – such a beautiful place to spend some time! There was a brief shower and then double rainbow over the water yesterday evening – what a nice a beautiful welcome! We are enjoying the lovely views, the animals and perusing the book collections. I love your collection of books! As an avid reader and history buff myself, I have enjoyed perusing all the titles and collections.

The animals on the property were an unexpected treat. We enjoyed feeding them and watching their antics. By Wednesday, the large chipmunk was eating from everyone’s hand. My daughter glimpsed the large deer and the raccoon eating together one evening and really enjoyed that!

We really enjoyed hiking in Acadia. The area is lovely and we look forward to returning again sometime in the future! Thank you again – we had a wonderful week.